When it comes to bathroom remodeling, your project can become significantly more expensive than you anticipated. Not to mention, a remodel can take a great deal of time when you have limited professional help. With that being said, you most likely have a strict budget that you will need to stick to, which is why you should consider the different ways that you can save money.

The first step is to consider any aspect of your bathroom that you can salvage. Is there any way you could live with the current sink and vanity with a little makeover? Are your lighting fixtures still functional? Believe it or not, little things can add up over the course of your remodel, so working with the things you already have can help cut costs.

You can achieve a modern bathroom without going overboard when choosing remodeling materials. It’s advisable to choose flooring and tiles of good quality, but that doesn’t mean you need to choose a trendy import you can’t afford. Instead of opting to purchase specialty supplies from high-end shops, check out what your local hardware store has to offer.

Plan your remodel from start to finish and try to stick to your plan as much as possible. The idea is to make as few trips to the hardware store as possible. More trips means more money and lost time, therefore, heading out on your errands with a shopping list can prevent you from forgetting certain items.

Consider purchasing secondhand or salvaged supplies for your remodel. Depending on where you live, there can be a number of opportunities to check out charity shops, salvage yards or even find discount building supply stores. Even with bathroom remodeling, shopping around for tools and supplies can save you money.

Another option is to choose resurfacing and refinishing instead of a complete remodel. For a fraction of the cost, you can put a new layer on a bathtub that makes it stronger and gives it a new appearance. We have a Phoenix bathtub resurfacing company that did a fantastic job on our tub, and now we’re looking to have him resurface our kitchen sink too. We’re saving so much money on this instead of a full remodel, so we may as well upgrade in the areas that we needed.