Bathrooms are not often the first part of a home you ever see, but they are one of the most vital. The purposes of a home include rest, relaxation, refreshing, and rejuvenation. Bathrooms are essential to those last two.

Given that you spend multiple periods of time each day in your bathroom, it’s only natural that you would want to remodel it once in a while. A room that is supposed to refresh you needs to be refreshed itself once in a while, so you don’t see and feel the same old thing over and over again.

While a full bathroom remodel can easily run over ten grand, just practicing bathroom remodeling basics can bring new life to your room without flushing your budget. In fact, a bathroom can be very easily remodeled just with a new rug in front of the toilet, a new shower curtain, and new towels. Color-coordinate them and you have a whole new decor. You can even spruce that up by painting an accent wall to give the room some pop.

If decor is not the issue, but size, there are ways to make the room feel bigger without actually physically expanding it. Wall-mounted racks or shelves above the toilet can mean more free counter space and fewer things on the floor. Choose light colors for your decor, but still go with one darker wall for visual depth. Add as many mirrors as you can, and the room can feel spacious, even when it’s not.

Now, we do recommend hiring a professional bathroom remodeling contractor if you’ve never done this type of thing before. We hired a great one locally ( and they did a fantastic job. If you have more than a token budget, then upgrading or replacing any one of the fixtures in the bathroom means you have a new focal point to work around. A water-conserving device might also save you money on your future utilities.